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We are one of the best GST registration service provider .All businesses and companies running in India must have Registration under GST or should take New GST Registration, if they are eligible and exist to pay goods and service tax that is “GST”. In short, the GST (Goods & service tax) has taken a place if all the indirect taxes. Popular name as a value-added tax levied on all goods & services sold, import & export for domestic consumption. It’s imposed on all the stages right from the stage of manufacturing to the final consumption with credit of tax paid at earlier stages.

It came into existence on 1 July 2017 become indirect tax which includes the previous different taxes like a value-added tax. There is a regulatory body called the GST council which sets tax rates, rules, and regulations for goods & services taxes. The members are the finance minister of central and all the state. The GST registration process is simple to register. GST/ online GST registration is all-in-one tax that has subsumed the State(VAT, Entertainment Tax, Luxury Tax, Octroi) and central taxes (CST, Service Tax, Excise Duty). The entire process of Online GST Registration is done on the online basis and there is no manual intervention of the individual to go and submit the documents; all the documents are submitted online.If 

GST is the destination based and multi –stage tax that is levied on the value addition. Let us understand it with an example, if the product is produced in Delhi and consumed in the state of Haryana then the entire revenue will go to Haryana instead of Delhi. We, can talk about the small taxpayer with a turnover of less than Rs.1.5 crore (Rs. 75 Lakhs for the Special Category States) can opt for the Composition scheme they can opt for Composition scheme to get rid of the GST Returns on monthly basis and opt for Quarterly return and pay the GST on Fixed Rate of turnover.



GSTIN is the unique identification number which is issued to the GST taxpayer. By the GSTIN number each taxpayer can easily be identified. GSTIN can be obtained after applying for New GST Registration/ Online GST Registration. It is mentioned under GST Certificate

GST Registration online

For GST Registration online, every business or company must have an annual turnover of more than Rs.40 lakh. In the GST registration online you just have to give details to our expert team. They will ask for documents wherein differs on the basis of LLP, OPC & partnership, etc. The online submission of all the documents and after that in 5-6 days you will get a GST number. One can get an input tax credit and collect GST from recipients of goods & services. Are you looking for simplified GST registration in India? Then your stop is here at LegalPillers.

We are India’s leading portals that offer to simplify the GST Registration process. They will guide in filling the correct information without making mistakes. It’s important for all the taxpayers to understand that initial stages of GST registration/New GST Registration are a bit complicated so it’s better to take professional help here.

Benefits of GST Registration?

  • Simple and Least Compliances
  • Reduce the Burden of Tax 
  • Get Input Tax Credit 
  • E-Commerce Business 
  • Heightening Economy 

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