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Overview of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

A Foreign direct investment (FDI) occurs when a business or investor from outside the country buys a part of the company. The precise management of Foreign Direct Investment is needed due to the stringent norms of Reserve bank of India pertaining to it as well as the complexity in the process involved. The highly adaptable Directus staff can assist your company in managing your foreign Directus investments at the speed you require. We offer consulting, advising, and project-based cross-border investment services to the public and commercial sectors. We have a staff with expertise in the Foreign Exchange Management Act and other related Reserve Bank of India regulations. When the client receives a Foreign Inward Receipt Certificate, we begin working on the project and, in the majority of instances, complete all RBI requirements within 10 to 15 days.

FEMA Compliance Services

Because of the variety of federal and state regulation in different industrial segments, corporations and individuals continually struggle to meet with requirements within the allotted period. Globalization has greatly raised the significance of FEMA/RBI compliance. Included in the standard FEMA compliance services.:

  • Chartered Accountants Certification for transactions for repatriation of income/assets from India.
  • Making prescribed applications to Reserve Bank of India for various FEMA and RBI regulated transactions.
  • Advisory services related to FEMA / RBI matters.
  • Making applications to Reserve Bank of India for purchase/sale of shares, debentures & securities and directly to and from Residents in India and outside India etc.

Directus can help the companies in the following FDI associated matters as well

  • Allotment of Shares to non residents
  • Transfer of shares from Indian resident to non-residents.
  • Setting up Partnership / Partnership by NRI’S or persons of Indian origin.
  • Complete FEMA compliance management
  • Other Advisory Services on FEMA / RBI etc.
  • Issue of Statutory Certificates under FEMA & RBI regulation.
  • Compounding of offences under RBI& FEMA.

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