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  • No matter in which state of India you are running your business, you should know that the professional tax registration process is mandatory and that you should make sure to file the required tax statements in time every time in order to avoid complications.
  • The Profession tax, unlike the income tax, is payable by anyone carrying out a profession. No matter what the profession is, be it bartender, lawyer, accountant or dancer, the professional tax is to be paid. People exempt from the income tax must pay the Profession tax.
  • Depending on the state, you must file for the professional tax differently for your employees depending in how much they earn. In some states there is a minimum payable amount while in others it is a percentage of the monthly salary.
  • Rather than wasting precious hours looking up tables, doing calculations and then waiting for a chartered accountant to audit and approve it, why wouldn’t you hire one to handle all the in the first place? CANEST Services has many chartered accountants that could help you fill out all the forms required and file them in a timely manner, so that you will stay away from trouble and make sure your company won’t need to pay any fines.

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