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The Limited Liability Partnership shall maintain that proper account books as may be prescribed of its existence affairs related for each year on the cash basis or accrual basis and as per double entry system as per accounting and the same can be maintained in its registered office that may be prescribed.

Within a six months period from each financial year, every limited liability shall prepare a statement of account and the financial year prescribed for solvency as described financial year date as may be prescribed in such form.

Within the prescribed time every limited liability, the prepared account statement solvency pursuant to sub-section(2) the registrar every year in such manner and accompanies and form accompanied as may be prescribed by such fees.

The audited limited liability partnership accounts in accordance with such rules as may be prescribed.

Provided that the Central Government may, Official gazette notification exempt any class or fro the sub-section requirements of limited liability partnership classes

Maintenance of Books or records for Assessment purposes
  • For how much longer period the Books of Accounts,Invoices, Excise Records,VAT Records,other Documents etc is to be kept by the Assesse from the following angles as

    i) under Income tax Act/law

    ii) under Excise Law

    iii)under Vat Act/Law

    that is for Assessment purposes

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