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Internal Audit Services

“Successful businesses understand how significant an efficient internal audit service can be to risk management and the smooth operation of the company.”

Internal audits are frequently disregarded by businesses due to a lack of legal requirements or a lack of time and resources. However, the process of internal audit becomes more valuable and enjoyable when management tries to understand the significance, underlying goal, and benefits it offers.

What is Internal Audit?

An Internal Audit is conducted to assess the internal control framework, corporate governance mechanism, legal compliance, accounting procedures to ensure accurate and timely financial reporting, operational effectiveness, and safeguarding the assets of the company. Internal audit provides the organisation with a systematic and disciplined approach and methodology to enhance risk management, governance policies, and bring compliance with rules and regulations, assisting the organisation in achieving all of its strategic missions and objectives.

Internal audit services increase your capacity to recognise, evaluate, and control business risks at your bank or credit union in a demanding and continually changing regulatory environment. This procedure can be used by management and directors to direct their risk management duties and create value for the entire organisation.



Our internal auditor schedules a meeting with the client’s management and outlines the objective, scope, and makes the management aware of all the significant review requirements related to the risk-based internal audit. The laws, rules, regulations, procedures, and policies applicable to the company may be among the requirements for this review.


In this step, our audit teams carry out the entire plan. This is a very intricate process that includes important company figures being interviewed to understand the process, important data being reviewed, internal controls being tested, work being documented, and recommendations being made.


During this stage, our auditor creates an internal audit report. To avoid any error or misrepresentation, the reports are created with the utmost accuracy. Our auditors’ work doesn’t end there; they also give you additional suggestions and ideas so that your business has plenty of room to develop and improve.


Our auditor verifies that the client is implementing all significant recommendations and suggestions as the audit’s final phase comes to a close. This is one of the most crucial and important steps that is frequently disregarded or skipped. But since our clients are our most valuable asset as a business, we at CAnest make sure this final step is also completed carefully.

Our Services

Outsourcing and Co-sourcing of Internal Audit Function :

Our outsourced internal audit service aims to offer a comprehensive service where we conduct the audit with our skilled auditors and subject matter experts. We give you an internal audit report with our recommendations at the conclusion of the audit and assist you in putting them into practice.

When working on co-sourcing projects, we collaborate with your internal team and give them the best practices, software tools, internal audit checklists, and necessary guidelines to do their jobs more efficiently. We walk them through the process of conducting process analyses, risk assessments, audit planning, and execution so that they can be independent in this regard.

Business Process Optimization :

Our auditors examine your current business procedures, compare them to industry best practices, find areas for improvement, and then design a new set of procedures to increase efficiency.

Internal Control Development and Strategic Review of the Internal Audit function

Our internal auditors offer their professional advice on creating internal control policies and procedures and assist you in enhancing the organisation’s control framework.

Some businesses, who have their own internal audit departments, request that we evaluate the work they do. In these situations, we comprehend and assess its operational practices, approaches, and capabilities in light of departmental goals in order to identify and put into place better processes and control systems.

Follow-up Engagement :

  We offer follow-up engagements where we assist you in putting the last internal audit report’s recommendations into practice to achieve better compliance and operational efficiencies.

Benefits of Internal Control

 1) Internal audits give businesses the chance to make sure internal controls  are well-designed, efficient, and effective because they are concentrated on what internal controls are in place, such as your enterprise control environment.

 2)  An internal audit makes it simpler to spot inefficient business practises and procedures and formulate suggestions for streamlining or improving processes. Businesses can thus save time and money as a result.

 3) A company’s eventual demise may be indicated if there are any signs of fraud or financial irregularities there. Instability and eventual collapse of a company may be just a few steps away if investors and partners withdraw their support. You can accurately confirm that your finances are in order and everything is in working order with the aid of objective professionals and an internal audit. In turn, this aids in gaining the confidence (and investment) of various stakeholders.

 4) Additionally, it assesses the effectiveness of your risk reduction measures. An audit report offers the details you need to address gaps, risks, or inefficiencies that have gone unchecked.

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