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All persons i.e. every individual/Company/LLP registered under the GST Act who is applying for the GST Registration Online filing has to file GST annual return. As a Business owner your primary duty is to run your Business and earn profit but on the same basis you have to file your GST return on priority basis. Hence, Legal Pillers having the platform of Professionals providing CA Online Services all over India can help you make the process smoother and simpler. Return is a document containing details of income that a taxpayer is expected to file with the tax administrative authorities.

This is practiced by tax authorities to determine tax liability. While Filing GST Return/ Online GST Return all the Process is done electronically in the GST Portal. It states all aspects linked to GST invoices, payments, and receipts for a specific period. A taxpayer is liable to report all transactions related to the income of the business based on which the authorities will determine the amount of tax to be paid by the business.

A GST registered person has to apply for GST return filing that includes:
  • Total sales and Total Purchases
  • Output GST (GST paid by customers/on sales)
  • Input Tax Credit (GST paid by the business for purchases or buying)

Once the process of GST Return Filing Online is done, a registered applicant can check the Online GST Return status. Also, comply with necessary requirements accordingly. Before you know the procedure of online GST return understand its 11 types and all forms have different due dates.

Eligibility for GST Return Filing Online

In the GST Return Filing Online norms, any legal business has to file 2 monthly returns and one Annual GST Return. Online GST Return is compulsory for all the entities that make no sale/purchase in a year in the form of nil- returns. Main Returns to be filed in GST are GSTR-3B (which is a monthly summary of input and output) and GSTR 1 (details of outward supplies).GSTR 3B is to be filed every month by 20th. The best element in this system one has to manually access details of one monthly return – GSTR-1. The other return – GSTR 3B will get auto-populated by receiving information from GSTR-1 filed by you and your vendors. All taxpayers have to file returns regularly. The annual taxpayers like foreign non-residents, casual taxpayers, and Input Service Providers (ISD) must register returns repeatedly.

Benefits in Online GST Return Filing

  • Removal of the Cascading Effect
  • More eminent threshold benefits
  • E-commerce and Start-ups
  • Regulations and liability

Documents Required for the GST Return Filing

  • Legal Name of the registered person
  • Transportation and billing location
  • TDS and TCS received
    Turnover Details ( Previous year)
  • Tax paid and payable details
  • Details of supplies made by the e-commerce operator
  • Imported goods/services
  • Outward supplies made intrastate
  • Details of interest and supplies
  • Tax payable on closing stock
  • UIN of the registered person

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