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Overview of Shareholders Agreement

A Shareholder Agreement is a legal document that creates the regulations by which a corporation is run. A shareholder agreement is a crucial pillar to creating a corporation when beginning a business that involves more than one individual putting money into the organization. A shareholder agreement must be comprehensive. It should specify how the company will operate, how shareholder disputes will be resolved, and define the obligations and advantages of each shareholder.

  • IMPROVES CLARITY:The agreement includes a thorough explanation of the nature of the job and connections between shareholders and the firm to prevent misunderstandings.
  • GUARDS THE PARTIES: In an agreement, the parties declare their desires, rights, and obligations, which limits the potential for future disagreements between the parties.
  • PROOF: it acts as evidence that expresses the duties and rights which the parties have agreed on.
  • SCOPE OF CONFIDENTIALITY: the Agreement involves clauses that state the compliance with any confidentiality that the parties may prescribe in their contract.
  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: The ownership rights and usage rights of trademark or trade name (if any) will be clearly distinguished in the shareholder’s agreement that will establish the rights of parties very clear.

Contents For Shareholders Agreement

  • Name and details of parties.
  • Date of the agreement.
  • Purpose of the agreement.
  • Distribution of shares.
  • Management and control.
  • Shareholding( before and after).
  • Confidentiality Clause.
  • Dividend.
  • Director’s loan (if any).
  • Penalties and remedy for non-compliance.
  • Provision for transfer of shares.
  • Shareholder’s rights and duties during the dissolution of the company.
  • Signatures of parties.

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