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Overview of Drafting of Notice

Drafting of Notice is the synthesis of law and fact in a language form. It is an art that calls for serious Practice. For a document to be legally binding, there must be a connection between the language, the facts, and the law. The creation of significant legal documents, including:

  • Partnership Deed;

  • LLP & other Agreements;

  • Commercial contracts;

  • Power of Attorney;

  • Agenda & Minutes; and

  • Petitions; etc.

According to the rules of the Companies Act, 2013, and other corporate regulations, companies formed in India are expected to develop several policies and codes for the company, board of directors, senior management staff, and employees, among others.

However, listed companies must also develop other policies or a code of conduct in accordance with SEBI Rules and Regulations.

The following are the various Policies which are required to frame by company in compliance with applicable laws:

    • Policy on Corporate Social Responsibility;

    • Vigil Mechanisms/ Whistle Blower Policy;

    • Policy for Related Party Transactions;

    • Code of Conduct for Director and Senior Management;

    • Policy on directors’ appointment and remuneration of the directors;

    • Code of Conduct to Regulate, Monitor and Report trading by Designated Persons (Insiders); and

    • Code of Practices and Procedures for fair disclosure of unpublished price sensitive information etc.

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